Brandon Burkey

New Horrible Crowes Record/Tour in 2013 and More U.S. Gaslight dates coming in 2013


A 2nd Horrible Crowes CD and Tour are coming in 2013

More American tour dates for Gaslight in 2012 as well 


according to this report:

So, after going to the last 6 shows in a row (Philly, 3 NYC, 2 DC) I have 2 huge bits of information that you guys are all gonna flip a shit about…
According to Benny, the next US tour will be late February through March!!! (CANT FUCKING WAIT)
According to Brian and Ian there will be a new Horrible Crowes record AND TOUR next year!

(Source:, via the-gaslight-anthem)


Terminal 5

Almost went to New York to see this show. Than I decided I needed to stay home for school. What a terrible mistake.

Goodnight Irene- Brian Fallon